how much does it cost?

This is a DIY event so all costs were kept to the minimum and we want everyone to feel able to attend no matter what their money situation..

the main amount of money spent is on food although we are trying to keep this cost low also.. so donations for food would be welcome.. we worked out that it will probably cost around £5 per person to make 3 meals but this is flexible and please just put in whatever you feel is suitable for you..

what does insurrection mean?

An act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion or resistance against civil authority or an established government.

whats an autonomous space?

This is a self governing, independent space. This group sees autonomous spaces as free from racism, sexism, homophobia, tranphobia and want the space to be a safe space for everyone. We aim to be as non-hierarchical as possible and challenge hierarchies where they occur.

what does basic sleeping space mean and what should i bring?

basic space means we cant guarantee mattresses or bedding but there will be some space to sleep……bring  a sleeping bag and maybe  something  to put on the ground, it might just be floorboards but we aim higher…you can specify if you are not comfortable sleeping in a communal space or would prefer a separatist room.. so please get in contact .

is there a kitchen?

yes we will have  kitchen available, potentially quite basic.. anyone can get involved with cooking or in any general kitchen stuff, so come get involved..

can i bring my kids?

yes, there will be a kids space available if people want it.. and want to be part of it..

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  1. Hey! I would love to come to other events. Can I join a mailing list or anything????

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