last meeting minutes

hey so we had an action meeting on 10th march..

heres what was discussed:

– The soundsystem we have is broken and we have a bit of money, so gonna spend some money on this and try n keep on top of making sure stuff doesnt get broken n if it does replacing it.

– we should ahve another squeeird, potential dates are may bank (02/05 )holiday or weekend before.

-to have a queer film festival in september.

-have an event to introduce queer stuff to students n the likes.. in the peanut gallery. thinking a zine stall kinda thing n tea n vegan cake. think this is planned to be on 22nd or 29th april.

if anyone wants to get involved in any of these ideas or has questions or anything really, please email

discussion and reading group

hey all

The idea for a reading and discussion group has come up.. so we decided that we should hold regular meetings and discussion on alteternating weeks..

so queer stuff over the next month.

sunday 24th jan- discussion on the zine ‘consent is sexy.’  4pm the victoria pub, leeds city centre.

sunday 31st jan- queer mutiny meeting -4pm  location tbc (email

saturday 6th feb – feline groovy-open mike night where the rules are as bendable as gender. 7pm(?) chemic, woodhouse.

sunday 7th feb- discussion on power play, (SM and feminism) 4pm victoria pub. leeds city centre.

13th feb  fuck valentines day party @ the common place. (eat yer make up, sapphic traffic and squeeird combine for an epic night)

hope to see people about..


december squeeird

squeerid 21st november

Leeds Monthly Nautical Queer Punk night is back again on the 21st november..

and this time its gonna be a right good one

heres the line up in no particular order …

Dj Riv -vanilla, manchester.

Ste McCabe-  punk/electro

Eat Yer Make Up dj’s (rich n russ)

Dj Mind fire — ‘off’ music

Sus- bassline tunes

Captin Cardy- breaks beats house.


Anchor-  bass,beats +disco


so thanks to everyone who came down to the last squeerid.. it was amazing…

the next one will be on 23rd oct.. with bands and dj’s heres the flyer

squeerid flyer

so come get involved or just join is flalling your tenticles in a mass of glitter..

hope to see you there..


Theres a new queer night in leeds called squeerid

(like queer, squid.. yes we have a bit of an obsession at the minute but im sure that you understand the obbsession as giants squids are pretty ace and its like the next step from pirates yes?!)

so yeah this will be a monthy event starting on 25th sept with a 90’s themed night.. a night of cheesy dance tunes and floresent outfits!

9-late at 120 meanwood road

donations on the door

benefit for rossport solidarity camp and squat network

Venue update

We’ve had to move venues last night. We have another beautiful place, now in north leeds.

The venue is not fully wheelchair accessible but there is a level ground floor entrance. There is a ground floor toilet that is not wheelchair accessible (door too narrow). There is ground floor sleeping space and ground floor meeting area. It is about 10 mins walk from a bus stop, up and down sloping ground.

We are now a bit behind schedule because we had to move,  so anyone who can come and help out today is much appreciated!

Contact us on 07553074514 for the exact location.

See you soon!

location and contacting us.

its getting closer….

We will put details of the location and updated information here a few days before the gathering starts. You can also contact us on our phone number 07553074514 , and on our email address…

if you’re coming earlier than thursday then get in contact….

see you all very soon….