discussion and reading group

hey all

The idea for a reading and discussion group has come up.. so we decided that we should hold regular meetings and discussion on alteternating weeks..

so queer stuff over the next month.

sunday 24th jan- discussion on the zine ‘consent is sexy.’  4pm the victoria pub, leeds city centre.

sunday 31st jan- queer mutiny meeting -4pm  location tbc (email queermutiny@gmail.com)

saturday 6th feb – feline groovy-open mike night where the rules are as bendable as gender. 7pm(?) chemic, woodhouse.

sunday 7th feb- discussion on power play, (SM and feminism) 4pm victoria pub. leeds city centre.

13th feb  fuck valentines day party @ the common place. (eat yer make up, sapphic traffic and squeeird combine for an epic night)

hope to see people about..