come get involved….

Come get involve…. if you’re not sure how and you dont feel like putting on a workshop or discussion ..

then why not bring a film you would like to be shown or if make a banner or just bring some things to decorate the place..

if anyones free earlier than the 21st and wants to come and join in the setting up of the space it would be muchly appriciated..

also if you have any dressing up clothes bring them.. we would like to make a dressing up space…

any others things that you would like to contribute would be welcomed…so come join the insurrection…


Free to download and distribute this flyer:

Queer Insurrection 21-25th may 2009 leeds area,

Questioning, discussing and challenging queer politics, gender and sexuality in the context of a wider political struggle. Linking the fight against heteronormativity to the fight against capitalism, authority, state and social control. Queer cannot be in isolation. Connecting our deconstruction of our genders, identities and sexualities to the collective struggle against heteronormativity and the institution of the nuclear family. A re-radicalization of queer. A break away from the sense of queer as a formulaic `scene’, another neat social identity to be a part of.

We welcome everyone to come and discuss, to challenge ourselves and each other, in creative accessible and radical ways. To find new ways to talk and relate to each other.

Get involved with your ideas of how to facilitate this gathering in an original and inspiring way.

It will be a residential gathering from 21nd-25th May. We encourage you to come for the whole event. An autonomous space near Leeds, with food and basic sleeping space. All ages welcome.

If we desire a world without restraint, we must tear this one to the ground. We must live beyond measure and love and desire in ways most devastating. We must come to understand the feeling of social war. We can learn to be a threat, we can become the queerest of insurrections.”  Towards the queerest insurrection

sleeping space and stuff…

For those of you who are planning on coming to the Queer Insurrection………

There are a few things we would like to know in order to make planning food and sleeping space for the weekend a bit easier. Would you mind emailing us back with the following details:

*How many of you are coming?
*Do you need a place to sleep?
*We will be providing vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tea/coffee/snacks throughout the day – do you have any serious food allergies we need to know about?
*Do you have any children coming with you?
*Do you have any access requirements we need to know about?

*Would you like us to create any kind of separatist sleeping space?

We look forward to hearing back from you and seeing you at the end of May.

workshop and discussion ideas

We’re keen to explore different things in different and creative ways at this gathering and are putting a call out for people to get involved.

Talks, workshops, discussions, open forums, practical and physical stuff etc etc. Maybe there’s something you know lots about and would be up for giving a talk or leading a workshop, or maybe you don’t but would be able to facilitate a more open discussion, or to do some preparation and share what you find out.These are just starting points so if there’s anything else you want to see or make happen please let us know. Please email offers to

Wish list of things we want to explore but haven’t yet planned how/who:

Introduction to Queer Theory


The relationship between Trans and Feminism

Sex and power play,

linking S&M and queer feminist politics

Art workshops

Queer families

A questioning of who makes up the queer and anarchist scenes and why

Recognising sexism and challenging it

Making the queer ‘scene’ about more than sex?

Radicalising our daily lives- how do we live outside of social constructions?

Sex Space/Party

Direct action

Things we have a bit more covered but still get in touch if you have something to offer:

Clothes customisation

Photography and Film – DIY Porn

Polyamory and other types of relationships

Queer History and the history of other movements such as LGBT and how it was normalised

Self defence, confidence and reclaiming space

Communicating positively about sex, active consent

Movement and contact improvisation

Feminist health

Race, class, identity and privilege (following on from the April gathering in Bristol)

Challenging how we define gender and questioning gender and queer

Queer Geography- what is queer in different places?

DIY sex toys


DIY tattoos


Control in relationships